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See your data from new angles

Time Varying Graph​

Explore relationships and uncover buried insights with C3 AI’s advanced graph capability. A rich interactive interface enables advanced network and temporal analytics where data scientists, business analysts, and subject matter experts can collaborate on data exploration and investigative analysis. Application developers have full control of the look, feel, and interactions when building their AI applications with deep customization capabilities.​

Geospatial Analytics​

Explore data with highly configurable geospatial visualizations in every C3 AI application. Seamlessly toggle between visualizations to find connections and surface correlations across time and space.​

Statistical Analysis​

Perform deep statistical analysis with interactive and customizable visualizations. Users can perform a variety of use cases including A/B testing, timeseries anomaly detection, and statistical segmentation with single and multiple sample hypothesis tests.​​


Take advantage of embedded visualizations in C3 AI Ex Machina to accelerate data exploration and project development. Assemble visualizations into stories and dashboards to share with stakeholders across the organization.​​

BI Integrations

Easily integrate business intelligence platforms, such as Microsoft Power BI and Tableau, into workflows for continuous reporting and analyses — all enabled by the C3 AI Platform’s open architecture. Users can also leverage the built-in no-code business reporting features available in C3 AI Ex Machina.

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