AI for Utilities

Use the power of enterprise-scale AI to improve asset reliability and health and increase customer engagement and satisfaction.

The utility industry is facing unprecedented pressures from aging infrastructure and rapidly shifting customer and regulatory demands

Pressures to improve service uptime and grid reliability while reducing operational costs

Increasing grid complexity with distributed generation and electric vehicles use

Evolving customer expectations and demands

Need for new revenue models as electricity consumption growth stagnates

A utility can meet these changing dynamics by leveraging data and applying AI, but is hindered by the presence of disparate, siloed, IT and OT systems. Additionally, existing solutions cannot scale to process and utilize new and complex data sources from investments in advanced metering infrastructure and other digital sensors. Business and regulatory pressures combine to demand that utilities bridge the divides between segregated IT systems and demonstrate value from digital infrastructure investments.

The C3 AI Suite enables utilites to rapidly build AI applications on top of legacy IT and OT systems

The C3 AI Suite utilizes all relevant utility data sources that underpin machine learning models to enhance grid asset management and forecasting systems, boost energy efficiency initiatives, and enrich customer service offering and engagement – all through real-time predictive insights. Applications for Utilities

C3 Predictive Maintenance

Predict asset failures across generation, transmission, and distribution systems to reduce costs and maximize uptime. C3 Predictive Maintenance utilizes supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms to analyze streaming data across sensor, SCADA, and asset management systems, as well as technician notes and weather, in order to detect anomalies and predict malfunctions before they occur.

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C3 Customer Insight

Improve utility program effectiveness, increase customer engagement, and enable new products and services by providing a 360 view on customers and proactively identifying accounts at risk (e.g., call center, low CSAT) or most likely to participate in critical initiatives. C3 Customer Insight utilizes machine learning-based customer segmentation models that analyze data from internal customer systems (e.g., CRM, billing) and external sources (e.g., demographic) to deliver actionable customer insights for more effective targeting and richer engagement.

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C3 Energy Management

Empower customers to reduce energy costs and improve building operations through real-time tracking, analytics, and optimization. C3 Energy Management utilizes machine learning techniques to enable accurate forecasting, benchmarking, building optimization, demand response, and anomaly detection to lower costs, improve building operations, and meet utilities’ and their customers’ shared energy efficiency goals.

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C3 Revenue Protection

Proactively identify instances of energy theft to protect core revenues, at higher accuracy and lower cost than conventional rules-based approaches. C3 Revenue Protection utilizes supervised machine learning algorithms to correlate disparate enterprise systems and high frequency transactions to pinpoint fraudulent activity and support advanced pipeline management for efficient resolution and revenue recovery.

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C3 AMI Operations

Reduce operating expenses associated with AMI and other IoT sensor deployments by identifying and predicting sensor and network health issues. C3 AMI Operations utilizes supervised and unsupervised machine learning techniques to prioritize meters projected to malfunction and enable a managed workflow for efficient triage and resolution of issues.

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Utility Use Cases Addressed by the C3 AI Suite

Distributed Energy Resource Management

Optimize management of distributed energy resources by integrating and organizing all relevant and real-time data across systems and sensor networks. Through the C3 AI Suite, enable secure API access to that data for a utility’s grid edge control and operational platforms. The C3 AI Suite allows utilities to build AI applications that work with these grid systems to cohesively manage distribution asset capacity constraints, mitigate active and reactive voltage issues, address resource intermittency, facilitate and accelerate DER penetration (specifically, distributed PV systems), and enable the dispatch of DERs to respond to real-time market conditions.

Digital Customer Experience

Revamp and streamline the customer experience using an AI-enabled digital experience that delivers relevant, real-time, and secure information through a mobile app and/or modern web interface. The C3 AI Suite enables utility customer teams to build applications that plug insights into the customer journey, using advanced machine learning algorithms to provide detailed energy usage information and personalized energy savings recommendations, promote new products and services to high propensity customer segments, and send timely alerts including outage ETRs and high-bill warnings, averting costly calls to call centers.

Grid Investment Planning

Use big data analytics and predictive modeling to help utility infrastructure teams create investment plans that meet capital availability constraints and desired safety and reliability goals while increasing transparency of allocation decisions for tangible and intangible benefits. With the C3 AI Suite, utility asset investment planners can utilize advanced optimization techniques to develop and compare different capital allocation scenarios to identify the most effective investment plan across the portfolio.

Grid Cybersecurity

Reduce grid cybersecurity vulnerability and penetration risk by providing utility security teams with advanced diagnostics and predictive tools to identify, prioritize, and block potential Grid cybersecurity threats. With the C3 AI Suite, utilities can build predictive applications that enable operators to quickly prioritize security resources to address network and grid assets that have the most significant potential impact on operational safety, reliability, and integrity. By enabling earlier and faster resolution of high priority vulnerabilities, grid cybersecurity applications built on the C3 AI Suite equip operators to address and remediate at-risk equipment and networks.

Outage ETRs Analysis Prediction & Restoration

Improve the efficiency and speed of outage response by predicting where outages due to asset failure are likely to occur, thereby mitigating the impact of outages and reducing restoration costs. With the C3 AI Suite, utilities can build applications that reduce restoration time and costs and improve customer satisfaction by applying predictive analytics to consolidated data from weather, GIS, DMS, AMS, CIS, MDM/AMI, OMS, WMS, and other systems to generate improved estimated times for restoration (ETRs). PRODUCT TRIALS

Turnkey Projects in 8 to 12 Weeks provides trials of the Applications, C3 AI Suite, and C3 Enterprise Data Lake. Trials range in cost based on duration and include professional services and cloud infrastructure services.

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