AI-Powered Demand Forecasting

Expertly navigate an unpredictable supply chain landscape with AI solutions built for the enterprise.

Key Application Capabilities​

Evidence Package for Each Forecast

Understand the “why?” behind each forecast with feature contributions and other contextual data

Generative AI Assistant

Quickly generate and retrieve insights relevant to demand planning from anywhere in your technology stack

Forecast KPI Tracking

Monitor configurable demand forecasting KPIs globally and for specific products, geographies and customers

Bi-directional Integration With ERPs and Planning Systems

Native, bi-directional integrations to existing ERPs and other supply chain planning systems, allowing for frictionless interoperation and rapid scaling across the enterprise

Automatic AI-based Product Segmentation

Automatic segmentation capabilities based on demand profile, data availability, and other characteristics

Model Operations​

Deploy, retrain, and manage model states for up to millions of machine learning models to ensure high accuracy demand forecasts

AI-driven Forecast Alerts​

Receive prioritized AI-driven forecast alerts allowing for rapid response and high accuracy

Prioritized Forecasts For Review

Review new forecasts in a prioritized fashion with configurable rules and alerts

Auto ML​

Automatically curate each component of the machine learning pipeline, including pre-processing, feature engineering, and model deployment



  • Any hierarchy level and granularity (including any product, customer, location)​
  • Any time horizon​
  • Any interval (e.g., intra-day, daily, monthly)

Types of Forecasting

  • Long Range Forecasting​
  • Planning Horizon Forecasting​
  • Demand Sensing

Use Cases

  • Demand Forecasting​​
  • Sales Forecasting​
  • Supply/inventory Forecast​ing​
  • Financial Forecasting​


  • Retail​​​
  • CPG​​​
  • Industrial Manufacturing​​​
  • Energy​​​
  • Petrochemicals​​​
  • Utilities​​​
  • Healthcare​​​
  • Freight & Logistics​​
  • Aerospace & Defense​

Comprehensive Data Fusion​

Customer Success


Forecast Accuracy Uplift

A multinational food company achieved up to 15% uplift in forecast accuracy and up to $70M of value in 6 weeks.
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Potential Inventory Reduction

A global high-tech hardware company reduced forecast errors, WAPE, by 70 – 100% compared to baseline forecasts, enabling a 7% potential inventory reduction.
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Improved Forecast Accuracy

An agricultural business leader improved forecast accuracy by 8% and saved $30M+.​
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