No-Code AI You Can Use

C3 AI Ex Machina enables anyone to develop, scale, and apply AI insights without writing code.

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You know what has happened.

Now you’ll know what will happen.

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Rapidly and flexibly access all your data

Access and prep petabytes of data with prebuilt connectors to enterprise systems. Scale your workspace with one click as data and use cases grow.

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Build and manage AI models without writing code

Easily develop, apply, and manage models in an intuitive drag and drop interface. Prebuilt templates, training, documentation, and an active user community make it easy to get up to speed fast.

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Use AI to drive smarter business outcomes

Take action on your insights by seamlessly publishing predictions to your enterprise systems or configuring custom business applications for use across your company.

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Scale to meet your needs

Work dynamically in a modern, cloud-native web application. Seamlessly scale from 16GB to 1PB+ and auto start and stop to only pay for what you use.

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Grow with confidence

Ensure your work will scale and the value you deliver will last. Collaborate, operate, and scale on the same platform that powers billions of AI predictions for the world’s largest companies.
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