Analytics without Limits

Go beyond data wrangling, static reports, and desktop-based tools. C3 AI Ex Machina empowers teams of analysts to develop and publish AI insights at cloud-scale, without code.

Built for Collaboration

Your solutions should enable teamwork, not inhibit it. Ex Machina makes it effortless to add team members; collaborate and share across datasets, projects, and reports; and maintain governance.

Cloud-native Scalability

Your data is big and getting bigger. Ex Machina lets you scale your work across limitless data, models, and projects. And you can do it in a point-and-click console thanks to Ex Machina’s cloud-native, containerized architecture.

Unified Experience for All Your Needs

You need to do a lot with your data—wrangle, analyze, train predictive models, build and share reports. Ex Machina lets you do it all from one, unified interface.

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