Powerful, Easy Wrangling, Analytics, and Reporting

Get breakthrough insights on your customers, markets, assets, supply chains, and more. Start with a complete picture of all your data by accessing, cleaning, and unifying information that used to be siloed—in Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, AWS, Azure, data lakes, offline, or any other application.

Spot trends, diagnose challenges, and prescribe fixes with complete analytics capabilities. Wrangle, sort, filter, aggregate, slice, and analyze in just a few clicks. Whether your data is timeseries, text, or tabular, C3 AI Ex Machina has out-of-the-box analytics to help you delve deeper, today.

Get insights to decision-makers with out-of-the-box dashboarding. Collaborate with other doers with fast, easy data and project sharing. Keep your analytics up to date with project scheduling and execution.

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