C3 Anti-Money LaunderingTM

Reduce false positive alerts and identify more suspicious cases by applying AI / machine learning to AML business processes

C3 Anti-Money Laundering

Money laundering and illegal financing activity are dynamic, fast moving challenges for financial crimes compliance organizations that require intelligent software solutions to accurately identify, prioritize and report suspicious activity, and simultaneously reduce the number of false positives.

The data necessary to identify money laundering activities are segregated across financial systems including KYC, client segmentation, transaction monitoring, external watch-lists. Rules-based detection systems generate an excessive stream of false positives that require costly and inefficient manual review. This lowers analyst productivity, diverts resources, and increases the risk of missed investigations.

Drive Business Value Through Compliance Productivity

C3.ai AML is an AI-enabled, workflow-centric application that uses comprehensive machine-learning techniques to reduce false positive alerts by as much as 85%, while increasing true suspicious activity (SAR) identification by as much as 200%. Unlike rigid rules-based systems, C3.ai AML models are easily configurable and flexible, enabling intelligent adjustment to changing regulations and money laundering strategies.

Monitor Transactions with Interpretable Machine Learning

C3.ai AML provides transparent, easy-to-interpret risk drivers for each machine learning money laundering risk score. Further, the application automatically generates investigator- and regulator-ready evidence packages for full audit trail support.

Incorporate KYC and Watchlist Monitoring Data

In addition to integrating traditional transaction monitoring data, C3.ai AML delivers automated data enrichment capabilities to correlate data from internal KYC systems and external sources like sanction and PEP lists. The application also supports automated closed-loop feedback to improve predictions and augment existing KYC and monitoring workflows.

business value


  • Improved Alert Quality — Reduce false positive alerts and focus on highest risk cases
  • Increased Team Productivity — Integrated case investigation workflows and automated watchlist monitoring lead to greater investigation efficiency
  • Accurate Risk Scoring — Increase machine learning algorithm precision through continuous feedback from investigations
  • Interpretable Machine Learning — Empower investigators by explaining key risk drivers and creating an audit trail for reporting needs
  • Unified Data Image — Correlate multiple data systems including transaction data, KYC system client information, sanction and PEP lists, and case management systems
  • Flexible Data Ingestion — Quickly integrate incremental internal and external data sources to enrich the analytic results
  • Intelligent Client Segmentation — AI-driven behavior-based segmentation enables deeper understanding of clients
  • Extensible and Configurable — Detect emerging money laundering typologies and configure new analytics by scenario
  • Near-Real Time Updates — Holistic client risk scores are updated with every transaction or account activity
  • Robust Case Management — Advanced tools enable escalation, collaboration, case auditing and value tracking


Turnkey Projects in 8 to 12 Weeks

C3.ai provides trials of the C3.ai Applications, C3 AI Suite, and C3 Enterprise Data Lake. Trials range in cost based on duration and include C3.ai professional services and cloud infrastructure services.

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