Leverage AI / machine learning to improve profitability and consistency across sales, marketing, and customer service


C3 CRM is a predictive CRM application that leverages real-time AI / machine learning to drive operational excellence and profitability across sales, marketing, and customer service. Unlike traditional CRMs, which require significant manual work to forecast results and prioritize tasks, C3 CRM delivers AI / machine learning generated forecasts and scores in real time using insights from internal and external data sets.

C3 CRM for sales delivers AI-based sales forecasts and expected revenue scores for all sales objects, which enables teams to focus on the best deals. C3 CRM for marketing uses AI / machine learning to segment leads, predict lead lifetime value, and recommend follow-up actions to ensure profitable campaigns. C3 CRM for customer service leverages AI / machine learning to predict customer escalations and order delays with root cause analyses so that representatives can address issues before they impact the customer experience.

Key Functionality

  • Real-time, AI-driven sales forecasting that leverages internal and external data
  • Expected revenue scoring across leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities
  • Real-time prediction of customer issue escalations and order delays with root cause analyses
  • Recommended sales, marketing, and customer service actions to drive key business metrics
  • Visual and code interfaces to modify AI algorithms and rule-based processes
  • Human-readable explanations for AI-generated scores

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business value


  • Increase sales attainment and consistency with AI prioritizations and recommendations at every stage, from lead to close
  • Reduce customer service costs and improve the customer experience by predicting case escalations and late orders with root cause analyses before they occur
  • Create optimal marketing initiatives by predicting campaign outcomes pre-launch

data sources


  • Enterprise software data
  • Transaction and order data
  • Demographic data
  • Social network data
  • News and reporting data
  • Sensor and telemetry data
  • Macroeconomic and financial market data
  • Annual reports and corporate filings


Turnkey Projects in 8 to 12 Weeks

C3.ai provides trials of the C3.ai Applications, C3 AI Suite, and C3 Enterprise Data Lake. Trials range in cost based on duration and include C3.ai professional services and cloud infrastructure services.

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