Empower your citizen data scientists to develop AI use cases with cloud-scale

Rapidly deliver AI insights in a visual interface

Integrating, preparing, and analyzing big data is slow and painful—especially on a local machine.

C3 AI Ex Machina solves these problems. Our cloud-native, visual tool frees business analysts and data scientists to rapidly develop advanced analytics on data of any size.

Connect to enterprise data stores

  • File Systems: HDFS, S3, Azure Data Lake
  • File Sharing Systems: Box
  • Enterprise and Operational Systems: Databricks, Salesforce, Snowflake, SAP Hana
  • Integration Services: Weather Data
  • File Types: CSV (delimited), XLSX
  • C3 AI Suite model-driven architecture

Prepare data without writing code

  • Data Wrangling: Rename columns, sort columns, column field type converter, etc.
  • Data Preparation: Join, merge, limit, shift, filter by SQL, random split, etc.
  • Timeseries: Adjust timeseries, normalize timeseries, rolling window, etc.
  • Math Operations: Group by, pivot, etc.

Visualize data at any step in the workflow

  • Sample and Statistics Table: View values and formats
  • Correlation: Plot correlations between variables
  • Line, Bar, and Scatter Plots: Understand trends in data
  • Geospatial Plot: Uncover geospatial insights
  • Pie or Area Chart: Compare relative group sizes

Analyze data using a ML or AI pipeline

  • Clustering Algorithms: KMeans, Gaussian Mixture Model
  • Classification Algorithms: Logistic Regression, Decision Tree, Gradient Boosted Tree, and Random Forest
  • Regression Algorithms: Linear Regression, Gradient Boosted Tree, and Principal Component Analysis
  • AutoML: Automatic feature engineering to extract the most accurate results from algorithms

Operationalize insights using cloud-scale

  • Export results to file systems, integration services, or enterprise systems
  • Scale resources up or down as-needed
  • Schedule C3 AI Ex Machina projects to execute regularly
  • Collaborate on C3 AI Ex Machina projects

Watch the demo to learn how to rapidly build advanced analytics using a visual interface.

Industry Use Cases


Connect to timeseries data on the C3 AI Suite describing daily temperature of thousands of electric grid meters. Run a C3 AI Ex Machina report that generates a geospatial visualization of the hottest, at-risk meters.

Financial Services

Load a CSV of customer data, including credit score, to train a machine learning algorithm to predict credit risk.


Load a CSV containing information on 1,000,000 customer accounts, including customer demographics, historical spending information, and whether a customer has churned or not. Use the data to train a random forest regression algorithm to predict customer churn risk.

Functional Use Cases


Connect to Salesforce customer data, including historical orders and demographics, to train a K-Means algorithm to segment customers (high propensity to buy, low propensity to buy).


Load a CSV of historical supplier order and delivery data to train a Linear Regression algorithm to predict the likelihood of supplier delays.