C3 Generative AI for Manufacturing


A large multinational manufacturing group offers a comprehensive range of HVAC and boiler products powered by a variety of energy sources. The company manufactures products across 31 industrial plants and employs an extensive in-house and third-party distribution channel to provide installation and maintenance services.

Installation and maintenance services are performed by the company’s in-house team of over 200 field engineers and thousands of third-party field operators. A separate customer service department provides remote support to in-house and third-party support teams in performing installation and maintenance tasks.

Prior to engaging C3 AI and AWS, field teams frequently struggled to access the relevant equipment and service information across the company’s thousands of different boiler and HVAC models. Field engineers experienced frequent delays in installation tasks due to searching lengthy equipment manuals for the specific installation instruction, while customer service agents had to manually identify the correct equipment model and answer the specific question to most effectively serve the field teams.


The manufacturing company looked to leverage generative AI to simplify information access and chose C3 Generative AI and AWS Cloud due to its domain-specific architecture, enterprise-grade security standards, and accelerated deployment timeline.

A joint team of C3 AI developers and customer subject matter experts configured the application in less than 2 days and made available to select remote service operators. During the 2-day deployment process, the team uploaded and indexed over forty equipment manuals, each 80-page documents, fine-tuned search performance, and added seventeen users to roll-out to the field and customer service teams.

The application was deployed on AWS and leverages Amazon’s services including Amazon Bedrock.

In the first week of its roll-out, C3 Generative AI was extensively used by the company’s field engineers with a total of over 300 user queries. Using C3 Generative AI, field installation teams shortened time required to find information by over 90% enabling field engineers to instead focus on critical installation and maintenance tasks.

Following the initial limited deployment, the manufacturing group is now working on scaling C3 Generative AI across their business by expanding the user base and equipment in scope, adding additional language support, such as French, and bringing in additional structured data sources to unlock additional use cases.

About the Company

  • €3.2 billion annual revenue in 2022
  • 13,000 employees as of 2022
  • 31 industrial sites and 43 commercial implantations across 5 continents
  • Portfolio of boiler and HVAC products.


  • Integrate disparate equipment manuals on a unified knowledge source
  • Fine tune results performance and add application users
  • Roll-out to an initial group of field engineers and customer service representatives


reduction in time required to find information
deployment including data upload, user management, and results fine tuning
end user queries in first week of roll-out
accuracy of responses generated by C3 Generative AI

Proven results in weeks, not years

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