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C3 AI Applications for Government

Defense and civilian agencies can rapidly address their priority goals such as accelerating decision making, reducing maintenance and logistics backlogs, and unify data across sources for easier collaboration by using the C3 AI Platform and applications. These technologies integrate previously siloed data and generate AI-based predictive insights at scale to transform existing operations.

Built with a model-driven architecture, the C3 AI Platform helps agencies develop enterprise AI applications 25 times faster than alternative methods, with 95% less code to write, test, and maintain. All C3 AI products have met the most stringent security compliance requirements and are cleared for operation in U.S. Department of Defense Impact Level (IL) 2, 4, 5, and 6 environments. Each C3 AI application has been proven at-scale and provides a way to rapidly deliver substantial value to your stakeholders.

C3 AI Readiness

Reduce Unplanned Downtime

  • Reduce both scheduled and unscheduled downtime
  • Monitor systems health and predict component failure and maintenance needs
  • Integrate and unify data from sensors, maintenance records, asset history, and external systems such as weather reports
  • Reduce inventory and logistics costs through dynamic spare-part forecasts

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C3 AI Decision Advantage

Accelerate Decision Making

  • Accelerate battlefield sense making and decision making
  • Evaluate veracity of multiple intelligence data sources with AI insights
  • Connect multi-domain data from across services, partners, and allies for faster real-time collaboration
  • Assess and share mission objects across agencies for increased visibility and cooperation

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C3 AI Intelligence Analysis

Surface Hidden Insights

  • Accelerate case building and time-to-insight for faster resolution
  • Determine veracity of multiple intelligence data sources for increased decision certainty
  • Explore multiple data sources from a unified view for faster comprehensive assessments
  • Automate data ingestion, cleaning, and adjudication

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C3 AI Property Appraisal

Produce Accurate Property Appraisals

  • Calculate accurate appraisals using AI-powered methods including income capitalization, sales comparable, and cost-based valuation
  • Provide interpretable evidence packages for all AI valuation reports to avoid appeals
  • Utilize executive level overview of critical appraisal KPIs and high priority appraisals
  • Maintain and continuously update a reusable data image for future appraisals

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C3 AI Law Enforcement

Enhance Public Safety

  • Seamlessly identify, track, and update intelligence in real time​
  • Uncover hidden patterns across cases from integrated, multi-source data​
  • Use in-application workflows to share information with analysts, detectives, and uniformed officers​
  • Receive immediate alerts and AI recommendations for dangerous situations or breakthroughs​

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C3 AI Platform
C3 AI Platform

Want to build a custom application?

In addition to the pre-built SaaS applications offered by C3 AI, governmental agencies can also license the C3 AI Platform to build their own custom applications.

The C3 AI Platform is designed to streamline the development, deployment, and operation of AI applications that address agency-specific use cases. It offers a cohesive, low-code/no-code development environment with a complete and comprehensive set of tools and services to unify enterprise and extraprise data, build and deploy AI/ML models, and rapidly develop custom applications.

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