AI in Manufacturing

What is artificial intelligence in manufacturing?

Enterprise AI in Manufacturing is the introduction of predictive analytics and machine learning in manufacturing processes to enhance operational performance. By leveraging artificial intelligence, manufacturing companies can transform operations, enable data-driven decisions, and streamline production processes, leading to significant improvements in manufacturing efficiency.

As the volume and complexity of data in manufacturing has grown exponentially, manufacturers have realized that AI can harness this data to enable predictive analytics and make actionable recommendations. Many implementations of machine learning in manufacturing have focused on specific use cases such as predictive maintenance, process optimization, and energy efficiency. However, with the advancement of generative AI technologies and increased adoption of asset performance management solutions, manufacturers are now able to take a more integrated digital approach.

Why is artificial intelligence in manufacturing important?

Artificial intelligence has significant potential to improve manufacturing efficiency and accelerate manufacturing digital transformation initiatives:

  • Deploying machine learning in manufacturing can improve asset reliability by predicting equipment failures before they happen, reducing unplanned downtime and increasing total production.
  • AI-driven process control recommendations can allow operators to maximize manufacturing process outcomes such as throughput, yield, and product quality in the face of dynamic operating conditions.
  • Artificial intelligence can forecast equipment energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, detect anomalies, and provide operators with recommended actions to reduce energy costs and improve sustainability performance.
  • AI-optimized manufacturing schedules can enable schedulers, planners, and supply chain executives to dynamically adjust production schedules to maximize throughput and productivity while minimizing operating costs.
  • Generative AI search and chat capabilities can empower engineers and operators to quickly access insights buried in structured and unstructured data sources such as data historians, maintenance records, operating procedures, and equipment manuals.

How does C3 AI enable artificial intelligence in manufacturing?

C3 AI enables organizations to implement artificial intelligence in manufacturing with prebuilt C3 AI applications including:

  • C3 AI Reliability helps organizations identify asset reliability risks in advance and take action through integrated root cause analysis and case management workflows.
  • C3 AI Process Optimization helps organizations improve production processes by identifying opportunities to modify control points based on production objectives such as profitability, output or quality.
  • C3 AI Energy Management helps organizations benchmark, calculate, and reduce energy consumption, energy costs, and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • C3 AI Production Schedule Optimization helps organizations meet production goals, maximize utilization, and reduce costs with dynamically optimized manufacturing schedules.
  • C3 Generative AI for Manufacturing helps organizations improve manufacturing productivity by providing engineers and operators with rapid access to operational data and insights through an intuitive search and chat interface.

C3 AI applications are built on the C3 AI Platform, an end-to-end platform for developing enterprise AI applications. The C3 AI Platform provides a scalable and secure approach to enterprise AI. It provides the tools and capabilities required to rapidly design, develop, and operate advanced, industrial-scale enterprise AI applications.

The unique model-driven architecture of the C3 AI Platform allows organizations to build AI applications with less code, time, and effort than other approaches. It includes an end-to-end architecture to integrate with existing enterprise software systems, ingest into domain object models, apply out-of-the-box and configurable AI algorithms, and enable end user interaction in intuitive, simple user interface applications.

C3 AI also provides a proven methodology and best practices for customer developers to configure, extend, and develop proprietary AI applications. C3 AI shares this methodology in a center of excellence collaboration model, delivering proven results as demonstrated through a decade of experience in working with some of the world’s largest organizations on industrial-scale use cases.


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