Data Image

What is a Data Image?

A data image represents how data is organized and represented at different levels within an organization, including at the physical level – how the data might be physically stored – and at the logical level – how the information is presented to applications or computer programs.


Why is A Data Image Important?

Enterprise data often is stored in multiple silos, separated by disparate storage practices in the different lines of business, which increases the complexity of combining data from multiple sources. One way to reduce that complexity is to map the separate physical data images into a standardized logical data image that presents a more consistent view for applications. This abstraction of the data image using a model-driven architecture is a powerful way to simplify application development and increase the speed to develop and deploy new capabilities within the enterprise.


How C3 Ai Enables Organizations to Use A Data Image

The C3 AI® Platform helps integrate, federate, and unify all disparate enterprise and external data into a logical data image. Developers and data engineers can use metadata transformation expressions to combine data entities, leverage AI-based reconciliation capabilities, maintain data lineage, and enforce data governance. The C3 AI Platform provides flexibility in making fine-tuned decisions to ingest and persist data within the platform’s data stores for faster performance or to use a virtual data image to maintain value in existing data lake investments.