Artificial General Intelligence

What is Artificial General Intelligence?

Artificial general intelligence (AGI) is the hypothetical future state of a computer system that can rival or exceed the ability of humans to perform any intellectual task. AGI has been the subject of much academic research, but still appears to be decades away from reality. Today, all applications of artificial intelligence are focused on solving problems with limited scope in a specific domain, such as predictive analytics, object detection, anomaly detection, and forecasting.

Why is Artificial General Intelligence Important?

Artificial general intelligence asks many important questions about the role of AI and its potential impact on human activities and opportunities in the future. Even domain-specific AI raises important questions about fairness, explainability, auditability, replacing human labor and impact on employment, quality of work, skills retraining, and many other socio-economic topics.

How C3 AI Enables Organizations to Use Artificial General Intelligence

C3 AI does not provide artificial general intelligence, instead focusing on the proven domain-specific applications of AI to deliver business value today. C3 AI provides an open, extensible, multi-cloud platform for a wide range of skill sets to take advantage of the latest innovations in AI and machine learning – more productively than using other platforms or development tools.

The C3 AI® Suite is a complete, end-to-end enterprise AI platform for designing, developing, deploying, and operating AI applications at industrial scale. C3 AI applications are a family of configurable prebuilt SaaS enterprise AI applications C3 AI Reliability, C3 AI Inventory Optimization, C3 AI Fraud Detection, C3 AI Anti-money Laundering. Some of the world’s largest organizations – such as Shell, the US Department of Defense, Koch Industries, and others – use C3 AI technology to drive digital transformation initiatives that significantly reduce operating costs, increase asset availability and reliability, improve human safety, and enhance customer satisfaction.