Unified Data

What is Unified Data?

Unified data is the collection of all internal and external data representing the entire scope of an enterprise’s information needs. Unified data is a company’s ability to merge its many fragmented data sources into one, single central view, which may be a single physical enterprise data lake or a virtual federation of many separate physical data stores. The key differentiation is that unified data must provide the company a simple and standard way to access all of its data.


Why is Unified Data important?

A unified data image is a comprehensive view of all aspects of a business so that insights can be gained from diverse data sets. Unified data typically takes advantage of the elasticity and scalability of cloud-based storage to analyze large volumes of diverse data and take advantage of flexible compute resources. With an abstraction layer between the underlying storage formats and the application programming interface (data model), unified data can accelerate the development of new machine learning models and insights. A virtual unified data lake can reduce the redundancy and potential inconsistency of multiple copies of the data in the enterprise.


How C3 AI Enables Organizations to Use Unified Data

The C3 AI Enterprise Data Lake enables rapid data integration from disparate data sources across an organization in order to build a unified and federated data image. Pre-built industry data representations reduce the time spent on designing a data model. C3 AI Enterprise Data Lake uses industry-recognized data formats and supports data integration from disparate source systems, enabling rapid transformation, loading, and monitoring. Existing data model objects can be easily extended, copied, and modified, and new ones created using an easy-to-use visual object design tool.

C3 AI has pre-built connectors to the most common data storage and enterprise systems in order to rapidly integrate your data. Data is then normalized, interpolated and de-duplicated to be used in Machine Learning/AI models. The C3 AI platform enables the stream and batch processing to incorporate future datasets into the platform, once the platform is in production.

The C3 AI Virtual Data Lake is a capability of the C3 AI Platform that enables organizations to leverage existing enterprise systems, data stores and data lake investments by unifying all enterprise and extraprise data into a single current virtual data image without the need to duplicate data.