Enterprise AI for
predictive maintenance predictive maintenance
inventory optimization inventory optimization
energy management energy management
anti-money laundering anti-money laundering
sensor health sensor health
fraud detection fraud detection

Rapidly building AI applications for manufacturing

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Enterprise-scale AI across upstream, midstream, and downstream operations

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Increasing aircraft readiness using C3 Predictive Maintenance

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Largest production deployment of AI and IoT applications

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Enterprise AI for oil and gas

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Enterprise data analytics platform and AMI operations

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Using AI for F-35 Joint Strike Fighter operations

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Global 100 enterprise digital transformation

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AI for defense

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Accelerate digital transformation

C3.ai helps industry leaders leverage enterprise AI to thrive in the digital era. They achieve results faster, for less money, and at unprecedented scale.

Tom Siebel

Chairman and CEO, C3.ai

Jeff Ranch
Supply Chain Digitization Manager

One system, five steps, 23 seconds to action. This used to take over a day. We have now collapsed all that heavy lifting into the application.

Explore Manufacturing
Dan Jeavons
GM Data Science

The combination of our data science expertise and the software development expertise that C3.ai brings is really powerful.

Explore Oil & Gas
Frank LaRocca
Director, Office of the CIO

If we can predict where a failure might be and prevent an incident from occurring, that's the best thing you can do from a utility perspective.

Explore Utilities
Luuk Besselink
Managing Consultant

We see C3.ai as the missing link in deploying end-user applications in data science.

Explore Banking
Todd Probert
VP C2, Space and Intelligence

With AI and ML coming online and the volume of data that's coming off the various intelligence feeds and from the battlefield, we are trying to make sense of that. And C3.ai has been a great partner in that endeavor.

Explore Aerospace & Defense
Jon Lindekugel
SVP, Manufacturing & Supply Chain

On the one hand it’s very much about dollars and ROI, but on the other we are really focused on customer satisfaction.

Explore Healthcare
Dylan Dias

The C3 AI Suite is an ideal fit for the incessantly data-driven retail sector.

Explore Retail
Ryan McFarland
Principal Consultant

When comparing C3 AI Suite to a competitive platform, we realized 26x savings in delivery and huge benefits from a cost and quality stand-point.

Explore Telecommunications
Dulce Borjas
VP and CIO

ENGIE is looking to provide a zero-carbon future. The C3 AI Suite is important because it helps us build applications faster.

Explore Smart Cities
David Koger
Government Program Analyst

With C3.ai, we can automate many of the processes that now costs us a significant amount of money and take a significant amount of time.

Explore Transportation

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