C3 Integrated Development Studio

C3 Integrated Development Studio is a low-code/no-code environment for developing, deploying, and operating enterprise AI applications. C3 IDS provides data ingestion, data modeling, machine-learning feature engineering and model lifecycle management, and a metadata-driven UI development tool.

C3 Data Studio

A set of visual tools to ingest data, and design and explore the sources, structure, and contents of a C3 data model

  • C3 Data Management

    Create custom data integration pipelines from existing source systems into C3 data models. Rapidly set up automatic data ingestion pipelines from file systems, relational databases, queues, or streaming sources, by using the extensive C3.ai expression library or writing custom code.

  • C3 Model Designer

    Navigate, explore, and edit C3 models. Users can change the composition of any C3 model, implement its methods, or configure its properties such as the underlying preferred storage system.

  • C3 Data Explorer

    Explore data in the C3 data model. Through a common interface, users can access, explore, and export the data stored in any of the underlying storage systems—relational, key-value, or object storage system.

C3 Applications Studio

A visual interface and metadata-driven UI designer to develop an application front end and analytics.

  • C3 Expression Designer

    Perform time series analysis on the C3 AI Suite. Utilize library of time-series transformation functions to rapidly manipulate and create new time series.

  • C3 UI Designer

    Build full-feature application user interfaces by creating pages, configuring visual components, and defining interactions between different elements of the user interface—all fully integrated with the model-driven architecture.

C3 ML Studio

Data science tools that bring application development and data science disciplines together to accelerate enterprise-scale AI/machine learning development and operation.

  • C3 model management

    Manage the full lifecycle of a machine learning model, including creating, validating, versioning, administering, and monitoring, with model cross-validation, A/B testing, auto-scaling, and roll-back support.

  • C3 Ex Machina

    Visually create analytics and machine learning models, rapidly process data, and explore data and machine learning tools. Ex Machina provides users the ability to analyze, explore, and derive business insights quickly—all without writing a single line of code.

  • C3 Jupyter Service

    Explore data, develop machine learning features, and author models using flexibly sized on-demand Jupyter Notebooks. C3 Jupyter Service provides an auto-scaling architecture with flexible compute and memory allocation down to the level of the individual contributor.

C3 DevOps Studio

A rich collection of browser-based tools that cover the entire DevOps lifecycle for rapid scaling, reliable CI/CD and fine-grained administration and monitoring.

  • C3 Source Control

    Collaborate on code and track changes. Manage your branches and create pull requests from inside IDS.

  • C3 Release Management

    Perform fully managed Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) to create builds with automated tests in managed environments, view test results, create releases, and deploy applications.

  • C3 Monitoring and Administration

    Monitor resource utilization and autoscaling, manage work queues, schedule Cron jobs and more, and use a console for command-line access to the C3 AI Studio.

C3 Developer Productivity Tools and Documentation

Application development tools and utilities support a variety of development approaches and operating systems to facilitate application development and easily integrate and reuse applications across the enterprise. Documentation provides how-to resources for users.

  • C3 Eclipse Plugin

    Develop, deploy, and debug applications with additional tools on the C3 AI Suite via the Eclipse IDE.

  • C3 CLI

    Provision applications code, execute Jasmine tests, and interact with the C3 AI Suite through a dockerized set of command utilities.

  • C3 Documentation

    Access C3 AI Suite, C3.ai Applications, and C3 Type (API) documentation through a common portal. Search for tutorials and topics, specific types, and in-depth articles to better understand the C3 AI Suite and solve specific use cases.

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