Data Integration

Infrastructure and tools required to rapidly, securely, and cost effectively integrate enterprise and extraprise data into the C3 AI Suite.


  • Use pre-built and extensible industry canonical models based on standards.
  • Enable organizations to create, orchestrate services, capture, and publish events from internal or external applications and technologies.
  • Ingest data from sensors, customer, enterprise systems, and operational systems using an elastic and scalable architecture.
  • Configure data integration processes using a visual designer.
  • Enable collaboration with an integrated business glossary via the C3 Type System with embedded data lineage capabilities.
  • Track data load status and data load performance reports using intuitive data load monitoring tools.
  • Define data load alerts and notifications, enabling data load administrators to be immediately informed of unusual behavior.
Data Integration


  • Connect to relational databases, no-SQL databases, and enterprise applications in real-time without having to replicate data.
  • Leverage existing data management investments using a comprehensive set of application and database connectors.
  • Consistently model data originating from many data sources.
  • Apply a consistent governance and security model to your data using a flexible, role-based access control security framework.


  • Ingest data from a variety of protocols and streaming platforms (e.g., HTTPS, MQTT, SFTP, AWS Kinesis, etc.) to enable a wide variety of enterprise integration scenarios.
  • Support for Apache HBase, MapR DB, Apache Cassandra, AWS DynamoDB, Azure Cosmos DB NoSQL databases.
  • Support for Oracle, Postgres, SAP Hana, AWS RedShift, Azure SQL relational databases.
  • Support for S3, HDFS, Azure HDInsight, and Azure Blob Store distributed file systems.
  • Support for delimited (csv, tsv), Apache Avro, Apache Parquet, and JSON file formats
  • Application connectors for Salesforce, Marketo, SAP ERP, OSISoft Pi, Microsoft Dynamics

Pre-Built Content Integrations


  • Core Weather APIs – Includes many of the most essential weather APIs, ranging from current conditions and forecasts, radar and satellite data, including imagery for current conditions and forecasts.
  • Enhanced Current Conditions – One of the highest-resolution weather observation networks that is available in the field based on over 200,000 personal weather stations in addition to traditional sources.
  • Enhanced Forecast – The forecast engine includes leading-edge ensemble model forecasting, 200 meteorologists and related scientists.
  • Historical Weather Data - Provides businesses with historical weather observations to help better understand how weather has impacted critical business processes in the past, allowing them to anticipate the influence that similar weather events may have in the future. Includes access to hourly values for surface temperature, wind speed and direction, relative humidity.


  • Integrate with Google Maps APIs for data cleansing, geospatial analysis, and data enrichment.


  • Enhanced customer data to deliver immediate value to your customers.

Energy Rate Data

  • Enables customers to compare costs instantly across all available rate plans, as well as enrollment options.

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