C3 AI Marketplace

C3 AI Marketplace allows third-party ISVs, SIs, and developers to build and share packages on the C3 AI Suite and customers to find, purchase, and add purchased packages to their applications. The C3 AI Marketplace is available to all C3 AI customers through C3 AI Integrated Development Studio. C3 AI Marketplace provides:​

  • A one-stop procurement process for C3 AI-hosted solutions​
  • A vetted, multi-vendor library of software offerings across industries​
  • A collaborative ecosystem for software publishers to drive innovation

AI applications

C3 AI Marketplace presents proven enterprise AI Applications targeted to solving specific use cases across industry verticals. AI Applications are built on the C3 AI Suite by experienced developer teams and have demonstrated business value across multiple deployments.​

  • Browse extensive library of enterprise-grade AI Applications along use cases ranging across asset management, production management, supply chain, fraud detection, churn prevention, and more​
  • Choose AI Applications to address problems specific to your business across industry verticals including in oil & gas, financial services, utilities, manufacturing, and telecommunications​
  • Configure and deploy tested, and ready-to-use software packages with pre-built data models, machine learning analytics, and user interfaces​

Data science products

C3 AI Marketplace presents a wide library of Data Science Products – analytics and machine learning assets – to help accelerate deployment of AI and analytic based solutions.​

  • Leverage proven analytics and machine learning assets to power your applications with foundational analytics capabilities ​
  • Decrease data science requirements by deploying from a rich collection of pre-trained ML models​
  • Integrate Data Science Products into your applications with ease using the C3 AI Suite – in-code deployments or API calls​
  • Enhance functionality of existing applications by unlocking additional insights

Data models

C3 AI Marketplace offers foundational Data Models to help kick start application development. Developers and data scientists can accelerate time to value by using the pre-defined virtual representation of their businesses on the C3 AI Suite.​

  • Use pre-built virtual representation of assets, parties, customers, relationships, and interdependencies that comprise a business​
  • Choose from a wide selection of industry Data Models that best represent your business in oil & gas, financial services, utilities, manufacturing, and telecommunications​
  • Customize Data Models for your business needs and map to enterprise datastores and applications with ease​

More information on C3 AI Enterprise Data Models can be found here.​

C3.ai Marketplace Support

Data products

C3 AI Marketplace provides developers and data scientists with Data Products as building blocks for enterprise application development.​

  • Choose from wide array of Data Products – training datasets, connectors, data governance protocols, and data analysis tools​
  • Leverage proven set of Data Products as building blocks to help close gaps in application development​
  • Enhance existing applications through wider range of training datasets and improved data governance protocols