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Fabio Veronese

Head of Infrastructure & Networks Digital Hub, Enel Group

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Fabio Veronese

Fabio Veronese is Head of Infrastructure & Networks Digital Hub at Enel, with global IT development responsibility for the Enel Infrastructure & Networks business. Mr. Veronese leads the Technology and Transformation Committee, the group responsible for qualifying and leading infrastructure transformation projects and for defining technologies, architectures, and platforms supporting Enel’s digital transformation.

Previously, Mr. Veronese led the Infrastructure and Technological Services of the Enel Group’s IT division, responsible for the smart meter project implementation in Italy, and global unification and digitalization for Enel Group Distribution Companies’ applications. In this role, Mr. Veronese led the fastest and largest data migration to the cloud at Enel, restructuring the way IT operations are managed.

Mr. Veronese holds a BS degree in electronic engineering from the Universityof Padova and an MA degree in leadership awareness from INSEAD.

Numerous companies have attempted—over multiple years—to create a full-stack AI platform and data lake on public and private clouds, only to fall short for technical and functional reasons. Mr. Veronese discussed Enel’s experience in successfully using the C3 AI Suite as a platform to develop AI-based applications and Enel’s vision for digital transformation. With, Enel—the largest power utility in the free world with 73 million customers—has deployed a range of AI applications to reduce energy theft, forecast customer energy demand and supply, and improve the reliability of Enel’s global distribution network. Underpinning these applications is Enel’s Unified Virtual Data Lake based on, integrating data across Enel’s Retail, Distribution, Trading, Renewables, and Conventional Generation businesses. The C3 AI Suite integrates, aggregates, and makes available unified data across ERP, HR, financial, and operational systems, including SAP Hana, Oracle, Siemens, and Cloudera, to enable and deliver next-generation AI applications across Enel’s business. With these applications and Enel’s digitalization, Mr. Veronese and his team aim to drive several billion euro in cumulative earnings improvement through 2021 and spread a digital culture across the Fortune 100 company.

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Fabio Veronese, Head of IT Operations & Distribution Development, Enel



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