C3 AI Suite Services and Capabilities

The C3 AI Suite delivers a set of services and capabilities that underpin the ability to deliver AI applications 25x to 100x faster than alternative methods. The C3 AI Suite abstraction layer; a comprehensive set of data integration, management and processing capabilities; time series services; AI and model management; and a robust security framework together speed data science and application development to accelerate delivery of AI at enterprise scale.

  • Data Integration Services

    Enable rapid integration of data from enterprise, extraprise, and sensor data feeds with support for both structured and unstructured data. The C3 AI Suite is able to ingest data in batch, stream, or message-based integrations. The C3 AI Suite has prebuilt connectors to many common data sources including Postgres, Oracle, SAP, HBase, HDFS, Apache Kafka, AWS Kinesis, OSI PI, and Cassandra. Data integration services are readily extensible, enabling developers to rapidly configure and enable additional connectors.

  • Data Management Services

    Enable persistence of large volumes of data, while also making data readily available for analytical calculations. Virtualize external data stores within the C3 AI Suite for AI algorithms and applications. Data management services include data federation, management of and interaction with multiple databases, and persistence data in the appropriate data store.

  • Time Series Services

    Enable at-scale persistence, processing, and representation of all data objects as time series, including the ability to normalize or calendarize data (e.g., time align data, retrieve time series at different time intervals), identify and flag gaps in data, manage data that are received out of sequence, and apply a range of pre-built (or custom) mathematical expressions on time series data. Seamlessly manage time series data and costs across hot (fast reads/writes, higher costs) and cold (slower reads/writes, lower costs).

  • AI and Model Management Services

    Maintain comprehensive management across major machine learning lifecycle stages, including model design and experimentation, model training and evaluation, model integration and deployment, and production inference and maintenance.

Private & Public Cloud

Deploy to your private or public cloud instance on Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform or deploy at the edge or in a private cloud.

Model-Driven Architecture

Enable greater data science and application developer productivity, rapidly deliver enterprise-scale AI applications, and future-proof existing IT investments. The C3 AI Suite uses conceptual models that represent all the attributes and processes related to a specific entity or domain as well as physical objects or data stores. The C3.ai model-driven architecture can represent all data, metadata, processes, and interrelationships, as well as persistence, computing processes, time series expressions, language bindings, and AI/ML tools and algorithms.

  • Security

    Deliver end-to-end authentication and authorization, including fine-grain access control to data and methods, using the flexible, role-based, comprehensive, and certified C3.ai security framework. SOC2, SOC3.ai, NIST, and HIPAA certified.


Turnkey Projects in 8 to 12 Weeks

C3.ai provides trials of the C3.ai Applications, C3 AI Suite, and C3 Enterprise Data Lake. Trials range in cost based on duration and include C3.ai professional services and cloud infrastructure services.

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